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At Clearest Blue we’re passionate about helping organizations apply meaningful technology solutions that enable them to achieve their business goals. We engage with key stakeholders to deeply understand the overall company vision while identifying essential elements that are critical to the success of each initiative.

Our mission is to ensure clients are well-informed on the fast-changing landscape of emerging technologies around cloud-based communications and infrastructure services. We empower clients with our in-depth knowledge and experience, so they’re poised to make informed decisions with confidence.

Our vendor-neutral approach ensures an honest and unbiased perspective around each solution. With a 15-year tenure in the cloud-services arena, we fast-track the evaluation process for clients by significantly reducing time, effort and resources spent researching, evaluating, and negotiating new solutions.


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Our Founder

Serving as Founder and Managing Director of Clearest Blue, Amanda Hughes has created an organization to help clients navigate the crowded and often complex landscape of cloud-based solution providers. Integrity has always been of the utmost importance and has fueled the shift from selling single solutions to becoming a trusted advisor that clients can turn to when seeking to migrate towards a cloud-based model.

Amanda graduated from Texas A&M University before moving to New York City where she spent 18 years building a career in technology services. She’s held a wide variety of positions in both Sales and Operations which affords a unique perspective on the challenges that typically arise when implementing new solutions.

Amanda Hughes

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