Our Approach

We will evaluate your current solution and advise if you're maximizing your investment from both a financial as well as productivity prospective. If there is room for improvement, we'll suggest alternative options that could increase work efficiency, save money and provide a better service experience.

We work with your team to define critical business demands as well as technical challenges being faced by your organization. We’ll go on to explore short-term and long-term goals and determine how they are impacted by budgetary restrictions. These requirements will be well documented and used as a roadmap for the project moving forward.

Based on the requirements gathered, we will explore our inventory of 150+ service providers to determine which are best suited to fulfill your needs. From there, a limited number of vendors will be invited to present their offerings through demos or through a more formal RFI/RFP process. We’ll help you compare the different factors, but ultimately you decide which vendor is the best fit. Our value proposition is to provide the tools, experience and advice you need to make the right technology decisions for your business.

Once you’ve made a decision around your vendor of choice, we’ll help you decipher contracts and identify any components that could potentially impact your business in the future should you break or modify your agreement. We’ll also help you negotiate pricing to ensure you are receiving the best rates being offered in the market.

Based on years of experience, we know the key to a successful implementation is the handoff from sales to delivery. We will participate in these discussions to ensure the vendor delivers on what was promised. Should you wish to extend our services, we have resources available to run the implementation project on your behalf.

If you need support with a trouble ticket or simply want to make changes to your account, let us know. Our relationships with the Service Providers affords us the leverage to quickly escalate issues when they arise. We are there for you any time you need help.

Finding the right solution is critical and no two vendors are alike. At Clearest Blue we take a neutral and methodical approach to identify Service Providers qualified to meet your specific business requirements, technical needs, and budgetary considerations while also looking for ways to consolidate services, reduce spend and improve overall system performance.

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