Contact Center Evaluation Strategy 1: Engage the right team

Engaging the right team will help facilitate a thorough contact center evaluation process

When clients assemble a diversified team to evaluate CCaaS solutions, they have the potential to organically drive enthusiasm throughout the organization as new standards are established for the Customer Journey. As we all know, most users resist change, but when you share a common goal across divisions and empower them with a voice of representation, people are more likely to join the party.
It’s important to include delegates from various departments such as Customer Service, Marketing Sales, and IT but always remember to add an Executive for additional visibility and buy-in. You want enough members to accurately capture needs, but not so many that it creates chaos. Most clients find 7-9 committed participants to be an optimal amount.
Be sure to choose members with demonstrated leadership skills…even ones at the Agent/entry-level. They will become your ambassadors when it’s time to deploy a new solution. It is also helpful to schedule meetings and demos in advance to ensure availability. 
Finally, schedule a kick-off meeting that provides key milestones and a well-defined timeline. This will set the foundation for enthusiasm and alignment within the team.

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